Appellate Practice in Upper Marlboro, Maryland and DC

Just because your case has been adjudicated in the court, it's not necessarily over. We have helped numerous people file an appeal in their cases, but remember, time is limited. We have worked on various types of appeals including:

  • Civil Appeals - Attorney Bernard C. Coleman's advocacy in the landmark appellate case of Second Episcopal District African Methodist Episcopal Church, et .al. v. Prioleau, WL 3243190 (D.C. Court of Appeals, Aug. 9, 2012) distinguished him as the go-to lawyer for church law issues across the United States. In Prioleau, attorney Bernard C. Coleman represented Reverend Deloris Prioleau, who sued Second Episcopal AME and Cornerstone AME (collectively "the church") for breach of contract. At issue was the failure of the church to pay Rev. Prioleau $39,200 it owed her as salary under the contract covering her final year as the church pastor. The church moved to dismiss alleging subject matter jurisdiction, claiming immunity under the First Amendment. Attorney Coleman successfully challenged the grounds for said motion. The D.C. Court of Appeals agreed with attorney Coleman and denied the church's motion to dismiss, concluding that the case could be resolved by applying "neutral principles of law" and without considering matters of religious doctrine or interfering with the church's choice of religious representation. Attorney Coleman won the case at the lower level. The 2nd Episcopal District subsequently filed an appeal of the lower court's decision of which attorney Coleman won a second time on Appeal.
  • Family Law Appeals - we can review court orders to determine if there are grounds for overturning the orders on appeal. In order to establish grounds for an appeal, there must be legal reasons which we can determine.
  • Court of Special Appeals - a panel of three judges can review all orders passed down from courts which hear administration of estates as well as circuit courts.
  • EnBanc Reviews - in cases of en banc reviews, your appeal can be sent to a panel of judges for review. We will explain the benefits and potential hazards of utilizing this type of review of your appeal.
  • Exceptions to Magistrate Ruling and Recommendations - you must file this type of appeal within 10 days of a ruling or you will forfeit your rights to appeal.

Contact Hearns Law Group, LLC if you need to file an appeal of a court ruling in DC, Prince George's County, Charles County, Anne Arundel County, and Montgomery County immediately since time is of the essence. We have extensive experience handling a wide variety of cases that are being appealed. Call our Upper Marlboro, MD based law firm today!

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